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Royal Canadian Riding Academy 
 in East Gwillimbury - Just East of Newmarket 
 4252 Davis Dr., RR 1
Cedar Valley, ON, L0G 1E0 
 (Just 5 minutes East of Newmarket and Hwy 404)

Hotels in the East Gwillimbury & Newmarket Region: 

 Newmarket Inn 
188667 Yonge St 
Newmarket, ON 
L9N 0J2 
(905) 895-4585 

 Comfort Inn Newmarket 
1230 Journey's End Circle
Newmarket, ON
L3Y 8Z6
(905) 895-3355

 Holiday Inn Express Newmarket 
100 Pony Drive
Newmarket, ON
L3Y 7B6
(905) 853-1030

 Best Western Voyageur Place
17565 Yonge St.
Newmarket, ON
L3Y 5H6 
(905) 895-2131

All rules in the Central Rodeo League Rule Book will be adhered to. Below is a page taken from the rule book pertaining to just Championship. This is page 2 of the rule book.

11. All contestants who qualify for the CRL Finals Rodeo must have competed at sixty (60) per cent of the rodeos scheduled with their events (8 rodeos in 2019).  In the event of a rodeo cancellation due to weather the contestants and stock entered at the rodeo will be able to count that rodeo towards the Finals count. 
22. The top 10 contestants in the Barrels, Bareback, Bulls, Pole Bending and Saddlebronc, and the top 6 in Novice Bucking Horses, Youth Barrels, Youth Poles and Youth Steer Riding events will qualify.
33. The following rules shall be used for determining CRL champions at the sudden-death finals rodeo:
(a.) In the event that two or more finalist contestants in an event are tied for an event championship at the end of the scheduled number of go-rounds, those tied shall compete on stock until tie is broken and a champion declared. 
 (b) If there are fewer qualified rides/runs than there are payoff positions, remaining payoff positions will be split equally between those who have made a qualified ride or run. If there are no qualified rides/runs, the money will be added to the next round pay out.
44. Before anyone will be considered as a judge for the CRL Championship rodeo, that person will have been required to work at least three approved rodeos during the current rodeo year before being eligible to work at the CRL Championship rodeo.
55. If there are NO rides in a go then the money is transferred to the next go 

66. Contestants who turn out stock in a slack or paid performance cannot place in the average of that event.
77. Toronto Royal Winter Fair Rodeo- The top year-end 4 bull riders, top year-end 8 barrel racers and pole benders will qualify themselves to compete at the 2019 Toronto Royal Winter Fair Rodeo on Sunday November 10.
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