Congratulations to Our 2017 RAM Rodeo Tour Year-End & Finals Champions!

The RAM Rodeo - CASE IH Championships were held at the Royal Canadian Riding Academy in Cedar Valley where the top Cowboys and Cowgirls competed for the top honours of the season. The Championships on October 13-15, 2017 closed out one of the most successful seasons of rodeo with almost 700 competitors in 15 communities with many sold out crowds. The Royal Canadian Riding Academy provided a tremendous and the spectacular indoor venue ensured audiences enjoyed a comfortable, and intimate experience. 

The Top 4 Cowboys and Girls from barrel racing, bull riding, bareback and saddlebronc events are now invited to compete at the Toronto Royal Invitational Rodeo, where they will represent the East and compete against the top athletes from Western Canada! Sunday November 13th is Royal Rodeo day at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, November 12, 2017

Congratulations to our 2017 Finals Champions

Robin Williamson- Ladies Barrel Racing
Joe Courville - Bareback
Tanner Rae - Breakaway Roping
Tyler Ewart - Bull Riding
Courtney Schum - Jr. Barrel Racing
Tyler Bauer - Jr. Steer Riding
Cayla Mursall - Pole Bending
Peter Hallman - Saddlebronc
Stephane Pelletier - Steer Wrestling
Jeremy McCulligh -Team Roping (Header)
Arturo Gallegos - Team Roping (Heeler)
Jarod Nooren - Tie Down Roping

Congratulations to our 2017 Year-End Champions

Cayla Mursall - Ladies Barrel Racing
Joe Courville - Bareback
Tanner Rae - Breakaway Roping
Luiz Gustavo Azevedo - Bull Riding
Maddy Lehman-Ionson- Jr. Barrel Racing
Tyler Bauer - Jr. Steer Riding
Brendan Bowie - Novice Bucking Horse
Jessica Brock - Pole Bending
Peter Hallman - Saddlebronc
Tim Kemp - Steer Wrestling
Jeremy McCulligh -Team Roping (Header)
Arturo Gallegos -Team Roping (Heeler)
Scott McMahon-Tie Down Roping


2017 Championships Will Crown Year-End & Finals Champions

As the regular rodeo season comes to a close, we would like to congratulate and share with you our 2017 RAM-Case IH Championship Finalists!

A note for finalists: Entries information for finalists will be available shortly.  In the meantime, please download the "Finalist Info" package for details regarding championship weekend by clicking

2017 RAM Rodeo Championship Finalists
Joe Courville
Jack Miller

Ladies Barrel Racing
Maddy Lehman-Ionson
Jessica Brock
Cayla Mursall
Robin Williamson
Joanne Fisher
Barb Millar
Linda Carter
Lexi Pendry

Breakaway Roping
Jennifer Tychynski
Jessie Nooren
Tanner Rae
Stephanie Williams
Stacey Thomson
Morgan Bos
Cody Fry
Lexi Pendry

Bull Riding
Luiz Gustavo Azevdeo
Tyler Ewart                    
Jack Miller
Dylan Vankoughnet
Dustin Heal
Tyson Kimmett
Nick Goncalves
Warlen Velton Aquino

Novice Bucking Horse
Brendan Bowie
Mason Duijsens
Quinten Petty
Jacob Raycraft
Michael Visson

Pole Bending
Jessica Brock
Tonya Becker
Joanne Fisher
Cayla Mursall
Bronwyn Hart-Irwin
Stacey Vanloon
Madison Dow
Kari Garrett

Peter Hallman

Steer Wrestling
Tim Kemp
Stephane Pelletier
Mark Baldwin

Team Roping-Heeler
Kevin Hennings
Arturo Gallegos
Trevor Dunk
Jason Thomson
Courtney Bos
Ken Doner
Jesse Kinsman
Pete Birdsall

Team Roping-Header
Jeremy McCulligh
Morgan Bos
Brandon Heninngs
Jennifer Scott
Jarod Nooren
Brian Doner
Rick Cook
Kelly Evans

Tie Down Roping
Scott McMahon
Jesse Kinsman
Jarod Nooren
Chris Gerrits
Jason Thomson
Cody McGonigle
Devin Kowalsky
James Seadon

Youth Barrel Racing
Courtney Schum
Gracie Lodwick
Christian Subject
Lindsey Coulter
Katie Wolfe
Tayler Dunk

Youth Steer Riding
Tyler Bauer
Ben Peever
Cole Harris
Austin Illman
Neil Adams